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How has this pandemic changed our view on food, family, and life?

The pandemic that has taken over the world, has impacted our lives in numerous ways, it has changed our lifestyle and views on food, family, and life. Here are some of the things that the pandemic has changed over the past few months


The world that was running very fast this pandemic has slowed it down, the days seem long, have more time for our family and loved ones, have a good dinner, or a perfect breakfast because the children are not going to be late for school or us for our offices. Suddenly all the family members are present at the dining table three times a day before the pandemic people rarely come together for a meal, so it’s strange and at the same time a good and positive change


Home cooking is making a comeback. As the outside food is at a high risk of the virus and has more chances of human contact, people are more cautious and cooking at home to be safe. This not only increases good healthy cooking but also is a time killer for people who have been sitting at home doing nothing. People are enjoying cooking together and cooking for their families.


This pandemic is an eye-opener for many, people realized how important and precious these relations are. During these hard times when you cannot socialize or distract yourselves from the outside world, depression, and anxiety has taken over so many lives. During these time family and close friends plays an important role in keeping you accompany and supporting you though out these times

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