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Watermelon Mint Salad Copycat Recipe from St. Louis Bread Co.

In the St. Louis summer months where heat warnings are frequent, it’s important to find meals that are refreshing, while still healthy. The VIP of foods, or the VIF (very important food) is watermelon. According to, watermelon are about 92 percent water, low in calories and high in crucial vitamins and antioxidants.

While you can probably get a generic old salad recipe anywhere on the internet and give it a shot, St. Louis Produce Box is here for the wilder recipes. Let’s take a look at a copycat of the beloved Panera (most correctly known as St. Louis Bread Co.) Watermelon Mint Salad. 

St. Louis Bread Company Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe 

(Recipe items included in your produce box this week: romaine and watermelon. Cucumbers are available as add-ons this week). Order your produce box here.

• Salad greens (romaine is included in your box this week, but other greens work too)
• Watermelon
• Cucumber
• Feta cheese (if you don’t like feta, any shredded or crumbled cheese will do)
• Almonds, or some other kind of nut
• Sweet Dijon Vinaigrette (you can make it yourself or buy it from the store)
• Cilantro and mint leaves

How to make it:

The easiest part about making a salad? You don’t have to actually “make” it. Wash the produce, cut the watermelon, cucumber, cilantro and mint, and mix all the ingredients until you have a nice salad, then drizzle with the dressing. Let us know how you love this recipe! What recipes should we share next?

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