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The New Landscape of Food Delivery in 2020

In a global pandemic (and what is left of a “normal life” beyond that), it is important to realize the ways that are practical and necessary for your lifestyle to change.

While everyone is keen on the importance of masks (they are  important…wear one), it is also important to think about ways to avoid public places in ways that aren’t essential.

Food delivery has existed for a while now, and even grocery delivery is increasing in demand. Even so, the main reason people feel the need to venture into the crowded store is to get the healthier foods that aren’t as easily accessible.

Yes, you can have a Shipt delivery person pick out your apples and deliver them with your other groceries to you, but the produce they deliver to you is still the same germ-covered produce that was in the supermarket. 

Imagine you’re in the grocery store shopping for oranges:

You look at the orange display, trying to inspect them before you touch a few. 

You pick up one that looks perfect. Nope, too squishy. Overripe. 

You pick up another one that looks a little more firm. Oh no, there’s a huge ding on the underside of it.

You try for a third. Too firm.

You reach for a fourth. This one will do.

You, not intending to spread germs, still managed to touch three oranges before you found the perfect one for you. You had no ill intentions of spreading germs, but boom, you still managed to spread your germs to three peoples’ produce within a 30-second time span.

Now, imagine a kid not being watched closely while their parents are busy picking out produce. The child, between being in the car and being here in this moment, has managed to eat a snack, lick their hands, touch a cart, touch their hair, and now they are running their hands over the oranges, just for fun.

Again, not malicious. But in a world where a pandemic is running rampant and the country was just shut down for months, I’m certain I wouldn’t want to purchase any of that produce.

This is why the delivery process needs to change. It’s not the delivery system is flawed, it’s the supermarkets that house the produce are germ infested, unintentionally.

At St. Louis Produce Box, we have a produce packing facility downtown where almost all of St. Louis grocers get their produce to stock their stores. We box it in house, in a sanitary fashion, and we make sure minimal people touch your produce.

The facility isn’t open to the public, so people aren’t window shopping or picking up and putting it back.

This food is safer. This food is cleaner. This food is intentional.

This is how food delivery in 2020 needs to be done. And it’s how we’ve always done it.

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