Chunky Salsa – Hot


16 fl oz (453g)

*Customer & Staff Reviews determine this salsa does not match the HOT description. Little to no heat detected in taste. Delicious, however not spicy.*

This salsa’s ingredients and recipe comes from a Mennonite community farm, Blackberry Hill Farms in Rich Hill, MO. Distributed by Koehn Family Produce.

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16 fl oz (453g)

Delicious ingredients make this salsa sing. Sweet tomatoes, crisp onions and peppers mixed with the perfect blend of spices yield a salsa so good that it will make you keep dipping chips until it’s gone. It’s a great companion for eggs, too!

5 reviews for Chunky Salsa – Hot

  1. Mike L.

    I liked this salsa a lot but it is not hot at all.

  2. Kristopher M.

    THIS SALSA IS NOT HOT!!!!! There was no heat. Not to say it was a bad salsa, just not what we were expecting. Really delicious but instead of hot, it was kind of sweet.

  3. Roy E.

    good salsa

  4. Regina S.

    I like the chunky texture but could have used more heat. I bought the mild salsa, too. I like both but not much spice in either jar.

  5. James C.

    Everyone in my family loves this salsa!

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